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About Us

fibre-gen, 'thinking timber'.

Our combined experience and determination will provide businesses in the forest harvesting and wood processing industry with superior consultation, systems and products - enabling you to enhance your business cost competitiveness in a rapidly changing future.



provide sonic measures for each process in the green wood value chain

fibre-gen’s HITMAN range has become the recognised global benchmark in green wood grading.


fibre-gen is about to consolidate its reputation as an international market leader in sonic grading technologies as standards for lumber grading are changing in Australasia and EU.

Our team has an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and hands-on operational expertise within the industry, and has worked successfully in the international market with some of the industry's largest companies. The development and commercial team at fibre-gen is comprised of highly skilled applications engineers and scientists.

Meet The Team

Peter Carter | CEO fibre-gen Limited
Peter Carter | CEO
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Nigel Sharplin | Director fibre-gen Limited
Nigel Sharplin | Director
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Maria Kay | Marketing Manager fibre-gen Limited
Maria Kay | Marketing Manager
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