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Numerous technical papers and presentations have been made to support our research and technology

HITMAN Sonic Technology for Improved Profitability




  • Fibre-gen and sonic technology

  • Values and contribution to profit

  • The value chain – integrating the technology

  • Results and value models

  • Opportunity analysis and implementation

  • The tools and how they work

  • Conclusions

Hitman system for log scalers


Conclusions- log scalling


  • Sonic measures provide valuable log quality information for your customers

  • Wood stiffness in logs is a key measure for LVL veneer and MSR lumber manufacturers

  • Tools are available to quickly and easily measure stiffness at time of scaling

  • Stiffness information measured at this time is key for value optimisation from subsequent processing

Breeding for wood quality; acoustic tools and technology



  • Why acoustics?

  • How acoustics work

  • Results, tricks and traps

  • Who’s doing it?

  • Conclusions

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