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At the stump, log and stem segregation

from Nigel Sharplin, Fibre-gen

The best time to measure log quality is before log making.

Optimiser systems applied to many late model processor heads measure taper and diameter automating many of the dimensional based decision making processes that would otherwise be left up to the operator.

Now for the first time ever the new HITMAN PH330 processor head sonic tool provides harvest operations with the ability to measure the stiffness properties of each log prior to cutting it to length.

Fiber-gen's HITMAN ST300 hand tool has shown strong correlations with structural grade out turn from selected stands and enables the average stiffness of logs supplied to structural mills to be increased by up to 30%.

This same technology when applied to the processor head enables 'real time' segregation of logs from both within the stand and within the length of each stem. One application of the HITMAN PH330 is to segregate stems upon felling to enable stiffness-based motor manual log making without needing to take a HITMAN HM200 measure on the skid site.

Fibre-gen has been working on this new development for 5 years now in collaboration with US and UK based wood research groups,has run a successful trial in Scotland, and is introducing beta-prototypes to New Zealand and Australian lead users.

For further information please contact us.

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