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Growing interest in the wood processing sector

from fibre-gen

In recent months there has been growing interest in the wood processing sector for systems that efficiently segregate between high and low stiffness wood.

There has never been a better time to enhance productivity and improve manufacturing efficiencies by applying smart technology to improve yield of high grade and high value timber products.

While the wood products world continues to wait for structural market volumes to pick up, increasing amounts of logs and lumber have been going to China. The largest volume growth has come from the Pacific Rim and from Europe. This provides a bright spot for log and visual graded lumber sellers into this market, but provides little support for the stress graded structural lumber manufacturers.

HITMAN HM200 and HITMAN LG640 products enable log sorting and efficient mill processing.

The new HITMAN PH330 streamlines harvesting operations by generating structural logs cut to the optimum length, ready to truck to the mill for processing. Non-structural logs can be directly dispatched to the best alternative markets. Operational validation has shown the HITMAN PH330 will effectively segregate higher stiffness logs at the skid site.

A 25% reduction in assumed design strength of the Southern Yellow pine dimension lumber in the USA has focused industry attention onto objective measurement options. Structural timber products in all markets suffering from low demand can benefit from measuring log characteristics as early as possible in the processing chain.

End of financial year? We can still ship HITMAN hand tools before 31 March.

Do your hand tools need a 'health check'? We can provide a quick service checkup to ensure they are working optimally.


Peter Carter

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